Pro Lawn Turf

At ProLawn Turf, we are dedicated to offering the most advanced artificial grass systems available on the market today. Our line of 100% permeable, 100% recyclable artificial turf products also lead the industry as the "GREENEST" option for water saving synthetic lawns. The list of reasons to re-landscape with drought sensitive alternatives to natural grass continues to grow and become more critical. ProLawn understands that the point is to save time and water without sacrificing the beauty of our landscaping in the process. We have worked tirelessly with the turf manufacturers to design products that look as good…or better…than the real thing. The founders of ProLawn Turf have been designing and installing custom synthetic putting greens, golf practice areas, and artificial lawn projects in Southern California since 1999.


Starting their careers with one of the largest synthetic turf companies in the world, the team developed a passion for installing the best products available on the market, with creativity and attention to detail. After many years, and thousands of projects, the duo aspired to take the technology to the next level. As a result of this passion and experience, and in cooperation with leading American turf manufacturers, we have developed a unique product line that is not only the most natural looking, but is by far the most functional. Unique attributes such as permeable geo-textile backing systems, low shine yarns, and lower abrasion fibers with TUFF SPINETM Technology have been developed to satisfy the demand of a previous turf clients who have experienced the downside of the common "fake grass". Discontinued use of the black crumb rubber in-fill systems has also created a cleaner, less harmful turf solution. In an industry that is being fueled by the "GREEN" movement, ProLawn's products stand amongst a select few of truly 100% RECYCLABLE artificial turf products. We are proud to have developed a 100% polyolefin based product line that contains no urethane, latex, or nylon, which would limit whole product recyclability. In addition to offering professional synthetic turf installation, we have also made it our mission to make the highest quality artificial turf products available to homeowners, landscapers, and tradesman at wholesale direct prices for "Do-It-Yourself" turf installation projects.

Unlike many turf wholesalers, ProLawn offers professional sales and installation support to help ensure the success of your project, and your company. Certified as an installation trainer by one of the largest synthetic turf manufacturers in America, you can rest assured that the advice you receive is based on years of experience and is at the forefront of technology. ProLawn Turf has been built on a foundation of integrity. It is not our goal just to sell fake grass, but to work together to provide long lasting artificial turf grass solutions for residential, commercial, and municipal applications throughout San Diego and all of Southern California. Our initial focus is not just to make a sale, but to educate you as to your options and why we do what we do….then you can decide.


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