One way to verify the accuracy of what we say is to research it yourself. One good way to do that is to read some artificial grass reviews. We're proud to have received positive reviews that verify what we say about our products. Check our testimonials page.

The cost of installing a lawn from scratch can be prohibitive. Sodding, watering, seeding, fertilizing and weeding may all be needed before you even really have a lawn. With our artificial grass residential lawns are simply not that costly. Once the installation is completed, you can immediately use the lawn. Even better, from that time your synthetic lawn will save money by reducing the cost of maintenance to virtually nothing. You will never need to feed, seed, weed or water your artificial grass for lawns, yet it will always look green and beautiful. So, going forward, you will not use fossil fuel, you won't add to air and noise pollution, and you won't add chemical fertilizers and herbicides to the environment. Perhaps best of all, over the long life of the product, you will never need to water it. That can save you thousands of gallons of water, as your artificial grass residential lawn can last up to 25 years.

If necessary, you can remove leaves and other debris with a broom or lawn rake or leaf blower. If, after a time, it starts to look dingy, just spraying off the dust with a garden hose will restore it to it's green beauty. Brushing with a broom will raise matted down areas, and you can place pavers or stepping stones in high traffic areas so you can avoid even that small amount of work. The time and money that your artificial lawn grass saves, combined with the benefits to the environment, truly make it a product whose time has come. It is especially valuable in areas where drought or water shortages are common. Even during a drought, when watering lawns is prohibited, your ProLawn Turf artificial grass residential lawn will remain green, beautiful and appealing. For the most part, all you need to do is enjoy it.

ProLawn Turf makes 4 grades of artificial grass reviews for lawns, so you'll be sure to get the grade that best suits your geographical and personal needs. All grades have our permeable Eco-Flo backing, so water can never puddle up and provide a breeding ground for noxious insects. This is definitely not the Astro Turf that your grandfather knew. It is much more advanced in design and performance, and it's even lead an nylon free so, when it's useful life is done, most of our products are 100% recyclable, so they won't end up adding to the landfill problem. ProLawn Turf synthetic grass is green in more ways than just it's color.

You don't need to restrict your use of synthetic turf to artificial grass for lawns. It's good for rooftop gardens, sports fields, medians, putting greens, pool surrounds, dog runs and dog kennels, and play areas for children, to name a few uses.

If you want to install it yourself, we'll train you. If that's not practical, we can refer you to a trained contractor. To learn more about our artificial grass contact us today. Remember, if we weren't doing what we say we're doing, we would not have received favorable reviews. Check our testimonials page to learn what our customers think.