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6 Saving Money Tips for the Backyard of Your Dreams

We know the struggle of wanting that oasis backyard. When spring hits and the temperatures start to rise, all you can think about is spending your weekends hanging out in the yard. Money may be tight though, and you didn’t think to save up for this backyard remodel in the cold, rainy winter. Let’s get…

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How to Choose the Best Artificial Turf for You

  Before even thinking about which type of artificial turf you should go with, you should double check that your city and/or HOA allows artificial turf. Most cities and HOAs allow artificial turf in the backyard, but some are strict on their rules for the front yard. When researching where you want to buy your…

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Save Water in California with ProLawn Artificial Turf

Today is World Water Day. With this important day, especially for California, it makes you stop to think about the drought we are in, and how we can help save water. California uses more water than any other state. Some countries don’t even have drinkable water or clean water to bathe in, but we do.…

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What’s New in Artificial Turf? Resolving Your Health Concerns

In the past year, many concerns arose in the artificial turf and synthetic grass world. Many athletes, coaches and parents grew concerned over the humors that the artificial turf fields they were playing on were causing cancer. It was thought to be that the crumb rubber infill that is made from recycled tires was cancerous.…


San Diego Synthetic Grass Rebates

The San Diego Water County Authority announced Wednesday that it will have another round of incentives for water-friendly landscaping. The agency has $500,000 available from grants awarded by the state Department of Water Resources, and an upcoming grant is expected to add another $600,000. This is a huge incentive for residents to take part in the San Diego Synthetic Grass Rebate Program to cut down water usage during the drought.


San Diego Synthetic Grass Company Prolawn Turf

Sick of all those water and landscaping bills? Getting tired of constantly spending precious time and money on your lawn to no avail? Well don’t worry, we have the answer, and it’s right around the corner. Prolawn is a an Diego synthetic grass company that has specialized in the building of custom synthetic grass lawns and turf for over a decade!

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Prolawn, the Trusted Artificial Grass Installer in San Diego

If you are seeking a knowledgeable artificial grass installer in San Diego for a commercial or residential property, then contact a company that has been in business since 1999. Many homeowners and business managers are choosing to install artificial turf because of the lack of rain in California that is leading to increased water rates. Global warming has led to changes in California’s climate with a long-term drought that has caused several cities to restrict water usage for nonessential purposes such as irrigating the grass on lawns. In some regions of the state, residents are only permitted to water lawns for a few minutes on particular days of the week.

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Save Money & Water by Installing Artificial Grass Carlsbad

Times, they are a changing! Water conservation is more important than ever before. Lead the charge and be the first in your neighborhood to have Prolawn upgrade that yard. Our 100 percent recyclable product line is the best artificial grass Carlsbad can provide. We have been helping San Diegans make their landscaping dreams become reality for over 10 years.


Fake Grass in Carlsbad Can Save Big Money!

The city of Carlsbad is located in North Country San Diego and is home to the Strawberry Festival every year. This So-Cal town of roughly 80,000 is bordered by Encinitas, San Marcos and Oceanside.  This particular area of California is known for its beautiful views, quiet neighborhoods and expert landscaping. Southern California property values have taken a hit in recent years due to the economic down turn.  One of the best ways to maintain property value in this competitive market is by getting fake grass in Carlsbad.

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Getting Synthetic Grass In San Diego will Lower the Water Bill

San Diego stands as the 2nd most populous county in California, behind Los Angeles County.  Interestingly enough it is the sixth most populous county in the United States while also having the smallest area-wise county in Southern California.  Tourists from all over the U.S. and world flock to San Diego for such attractions as Sea World, ComicCon and some of the best, most consistent surf on the West Coast. San Diego as well as nearby Los Angeles County in recent years have seen a drastic need for water conservation.  California’s population now exceeds 38 million people! You could save thousands of gallons of water annually just by having synthetic grass in San Diego.